260 Reasons for Believing

Hundreds of GREAT reasons I've found for believing in Jesus Christ

260 Reasons for Believing - Hundreds of GREAT reasons I've found for believing in Jesus Christ

Madness and Murder: There Is an Answer

I really have mixed feelings about writing this post. The last thing on earth I want to do is to add to the already excessive sensationalism in print. Neither do I want to capitalize on someone else’s immense pain to make a point.

Nonetheless, I’m going to proceed because too many people want to know how we can believe in Jesus Christ in the face of the kind of madness and murder that I am about to address. Continue reading

Bitter Enemy Turned Friend

Is there anyone in your life who was your bitter enemy at one time, but who is a dear, close friend now? I mean someone who used to make your blood boil, who used to irritate you to no end, but whom you love to death now? Is there someone who, in the past, if they walked in the room, you wanted to walk out? But now, you can’t wait to be in the same place with them?

It’s sort of rare isn’t it? It’s rare because Continue reading

The Most Convincing Factor

It’s really important that we be able to explain why we believe what we believe. Otherwise, everybody will just think, “Cool, that’s your opinion. Everybody’s got an opinion.”

So I hope I don’t insult you when I ask, “Why do you believe Jesus is God?”

I am quite sure that if any human being—regardless of Background with christian crosspersonality, charisma, moral purity, wisdom, or miracle-working—were to approach you with the claim, “I am God,” you would think, “Nooo, you’re not! Continue reading

Living Forever: Who Can Deliver?

Pharmaceutical 2In recent news, Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, made a joint announcement that they will be giving $33 million in awards to eleven scientists. Each $3 million award is to fund research that they hope will result in extending the human lifespan.

Already, the pharmaceutical manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline has been experimenting with Continue reading