260 Reasons for Believing

Hundreds of GREAT reasons I've found for believing in Jesus Christ

260 Reasons for Believing - Hundreds of GREAT reasons I've found for believing in Jesus Christ

Recall Emmanuel: God with Us

Horse RaceIt’s so much more fun to attend a sporting event or even to watch one on TV when you have a friend who is also fan to watch it with you. It’s so much more enjoyable to watch a beautiful sunset at the beach when there is someone with you who shares the same appreciation for God’s creation. Good times are even better when shared with people we love and enjoy.

By the same token, it is so much more difficult to endure hard times when they have to be born alone. Nobody wants to go to the airport alone to see their son or daughter off to Afghanistan. The drive home alone afterward can be pretty rough. Nobody wants to sit alone in the waiting room while a loved one undergoes a serious surgery. The comfort of a close companion in those moments can make all the difference in the world.

There are times when we need a comforter, days when we need a listener, and circumstances when we all need an advisor.

Sometimes we need someone with us who can read us like a book–somebody  who won’t let us get away with the foolishness that we’re about to fall for. At other times we need someone we respect to tell us to quit beating ourselves up. And we always appreciate someone who is wise enough to discern just what we need in a given moment—even if it’s to be left alone for a while.

A God Who Wants to Be with YOU

What an amazing, marvelous, almost unbelievable thing! From the beginning of creation, it has been the intention and desire of God the Creator to relate to human beings in a unique and personal way. That desire on the part of God continues to the present and will last into the endless future.

Because God saw that what was accomplished on each day of creation was good, I’m quite sure that it pleases Him greatly to watch an eagle soar on the breeze over an Alaskan waterway. Since God’s presence is surrounded by an honor guard of angelic seraphim (Isaiah 6:2-3; Ezekiel 1:4-14; Revelation 4:6-8), it is very likely that there is a special kind of relationship between those angels and their God.

Yet you and I can know that neither animals nor angels can replace what God desires between Himself and human beings. When the animal world came under the curse of Genesis 3:17-19 and animals began to devour one another, God did not become an animal to rescue the animal kingdom.  When one-third of the angels unfathomably rebelled against the Majestic Almighty One (Ezekiel 28:14-17; Revelation 12:3-4), the Lord God did not become an angel to deliver them from their fall. Undoubtedly, God loves the beasts and the angels. But God became neither beast nor angel. He did, however, become a man. Why?

Let this soak into your mind. God—the Majestic, Eternal, Glorious, Holy, Almighty—wants, more than we can comprehend, to be closer to you and to me than any friend or family member that we have ever known or can ever imagine! He wants this so much that God the Son became a human. (Daniel 7:13; John 1:14; Philippians 2:5-8) He did this so He could condemn sin on our behalf and fulfill the righteous requirements of God’s law on our behalf. (Romans 8:3-4)

And Jesus remains the unique God-man today. His resurrected body is a human body. (John 21:4-14)

He didn’t do this to keep us at arm’s length, but rather to be in such a close relationship with each of us that He can call us by name. (John 10:3) In fact, in the resurrection, Jesus will give each one of us a new name, a personal name known only between Himself and the individual. (Revelation 2:17) The Prayingrelationship that God desires between Himself and you is intensely personal, not just a generic bond with mankind en masse.

So the next time that you’re feeling overwhelmed and alone, crushed and alone, or desolate and alone, remember the Savior who is for you and with you. Jesus promised in Matthew 28:20, “I am with you   always, to the end of the age.”

And the next time you look at brand new green leaves against a crystal blue sky and feel the brush of a cool breeze on your cheek, recall the name that Matthew recalled as he introduced us to Jesus—”Emmanuel,” which means “God with us.” (Matthew 1:23)

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